March 14, 2015


The BlackPearl Limited Jackets

The BlackPearl Friesian and Cheval AmourI would like to introduce you to an amazing heart-centered equestrian group.  

The BlackPearl Friesian Association is dedicated to serving community by bringing Joy and Healing to both Horses & Humans alike through Equine Performance Art in events that contribute to and successfully support local charities.

This talented group of equestrians shares the magic and charm of their beautiful horses with both large and small audiences.  But it is what they do behind the scenes that makes them so special. In the last two years, they have:

  • Gathered and donated 92,780 pounds to food banks
  • Participated as work crews at Whipple Creek Restoration in Washington
  • Taken their therapy horse to nursing homes and senior centers
  • Volunteered their time for numerous organizations such as Forward Stride, Oregon Army National Guard, Clark County Saddle Club Trail Course and The Ark of Vancouver

A full list of BlackPearl-supported charities can be found here.

"Hoof to Hearts XO"
- BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe

Cheval Amour was honored to be asked to create a team jacket for the BlackPearls.  A limited number of these jackets are available for purchase, with $25 from the sale of each jacket donated to the non-profit BlackPearl Friesian Association.

Love Cheval Amour apparel?  Then please consider adding a BlackPearl Limited Jacket to your collection and support a great cause!





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