November 17, 2015


Cheval Amour Travels

Today I am packing the first Cheval Amour order to be delivered to Australia. These international milestones really hit home for me. Like a traveler that puts pins on a map, Cheval Amour arriving and being worn in foreign destinations brings a sense of joy and connection.

Yesterday I received my first photo of Cheval Amour in Portugal. This goes in the same beloved folder as the pictures I have of Cheval Amour being worn in Canada, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and even Egypt. Soon, hopefully, I will be adding a photo from Australia.

The best part about the photo from Portugal? The smile on the face of the subject, Sarah Kress, a dressage trainer. She is on a dream trip visiting the horse fair in Golega and private training barns. I have known Sarah for years and I believe she represents some of the finest equestrian qualities always demonstrating kindness, perseverance, and a dedication to not only her horses, but also the equestrian community. I could not be more excited for her to be on this trip. It is an honor to know she selected Cheval Amour for her suitcase.

Saúde, Sarah! Thank you for bringing us on your trip.

with Amour,
Lisa Simmons, Founder


Below Sarah visits the APSL, the Portuguese Pure Bred Lusitano Association.

Dressage Trainer Sarah Kress in front of the APSL

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