November 26, 2015


The Barn Jeans - The Human Connection

Ethical apparel barn jeans

Today I am thankful for my favorite barn jeans. Worn in just the perfect amount, they fit comfortably, look nice and are durable enough for all the usual barn activities. I am grateful for the excellent service they provide in my life, but even more than that, I am appreciative of all the human hands that touched these jeans on their journey to me.

Thinking about what it took for the jeans to arrive in my life provides a sense of both connection and of the interconnection we all share.

A heart-felt Thank You to:

  • My community for supporting the local, curated resale boutique where I purchased the jeans.
  • The owners and employees of the boutique for having the courage and belief to run a business that benefits both people and the planet.
  • The previous owner of these jeans - both for sending them on to a new home and for having them hemmed to a perfect length for me.
  • All the employees of the retail store where the previous owner purchased the jeans - whether they worked in accounting, shipping, management or on the store floor they had a “hand” in these jeans arriving to me.
  • All the people in the shipping company that brought these jeans halfway around the world.
  • The individuals who each had a specific task in cutting, sewing, grommeting, finishing and inspecting these jeans.
  • Those involved with the manufacturing of all the individual pieces of the jeans: fabrics, threads, zipper, buttons, grommets, and labels.
  • The people who designed the jeans and the pattern maker who created such a great fit.
  • The singer (rock star) whose name is on the label.
At every point in the above, I could go back deeper and recognized and be grateful for even more “hands”. Ultimately this recognition would extend through all corners of the globe, through all professions, to all people - because we are all connected.

with Amour,
Cheval Amour Founder and Designer

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