December 09, 2016

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What I Saw in Paris that Inspired Me

Last year Jase's passion for running marathons took us to Paris, France. 

In our few days there, we had many adventures.  There is one in particular I would like to share with you - when we decided to find and explore a traditional French neighborhood.  

After reading a few different internet suggestions, we hopped in a Taxi and handed the driver an address.  Twenty minutes later we were dropped off at a nondescript intersection. Across the street a cafe was just opening.  We decided to start there with espressos.  

Espresso in Paris

In hindsight I wish I could have hit pause on life and spent a month exploring the area we covered in a few hours. We wandered the streets and alleyways acutely aware of the everyday life happening around us.  

Turning one corner, we came to a street lined with food shops. The predominance of fresh, whole foods stacked and presented in beautiful displays was stunning.  

Paris Fruit Stand

On the quiet side streets we found traditional French ateliers. I was in awe, peeking in the windows and occasionally entering one of these clothing studios in the heart of this fashion epicenter.  These weren't giant designer labels - these were boutique designer artisans.  

However, it was a brief moment on one of these side streets that took my breath away and left a lasting impression.  They were halfway past us before I realized what we were seeing.  

A string of daycare kids, their adult guardians at either end, were on the move walking hand in hand.  They were laughing and smiling and downright joyful.  Jase and I had stepped out of the way and paused to let them pass.  

As we soaked in their exuberance and light hearts, it slowly dawned on me that this group of kids was made up of a diverse genetic background.  I am not going to say a difference of culture or nationality. . .because I presume they were all French citizens.  

Nonetheless the children's genetic variety mixed with their laughter and joy was stunning and burned an impression into my memory.

What would it be like if we all recognize that we are fellow Humans?  What if 'acceptance' wasn't part of our vocabulary, because we had no concept of discrimination. What if we could celebrate each other as unique individuals? 

These children gave me the gift of a brief glimpse into what life would be like if that were the case.

As we enter the Holiday Season during a period of heightened awareness for the challenges people and the planet are facing, I wanted to share this story from my travels and shine a light on a moment of hope and inspiration.

Wishing you all a blessed and be-loved Holiday Season!

with Amour,

P.S. The below photo was taken during our exploration on this day in Paris.  It is one of my favorite photos of me wearing my Cheval Amour Paris Vest.  How fitting, right?

Lisa Simmons wearing a Cheval Amour Paris Vest in Paris, France





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December 10, 2016

This is a great story and apropos certainly to these times. I am reminded that children have open minds and hearts unless those minds and hearts are poisoned and thwarted by the people and environments around them. Lucky you and Jase to have such a wonderful adventure!

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