About Cheval Amour

Cheval Amour crafts distinctive, well-made, small-batch apparel for your Equestrian Story.

Cheval Amour translates into “Horse Love”. It is not proper French (or proper English for that matter). The name represents the deep feelings Equestrians share for all things horse. Further, Cheval Amour expresses the deep sense of connection and community shared by Equestrians around the world.

Every Equestrian we know has a story. Some stories are heartwarming, some are inspiring, and many are about personal growth. What we know for sure is that we are each pulled on a journey by the equines in our lives.  

Founder Lisa Kelly Simmons, a lifelong Equestrian, started Cheval Amour in 2011. The inaugural collection quickly confirmed that Equestrian's appreciate unique, elegant, long-lasting and easycare clothing. Cheval Amour's timeless and durable 'barn to bistro' designs soon became closet favorites well beyond the Equestrian circle.

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